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7 Steps To Read Quran Easily

To be able to read Quran, we go through some steps and learn bit by bit. This process should be continuous. Moreover, it takes much effort and practice. It is necessary to devote some of your time to learn and practice daily putting into your consideration you can do it as long as you have the will. There 7 steps mentioned below that could help you start reading till you find a teacher.

1. Learning Arabic alphabets

Qur’an was revealed to the prophet in Arabic. Arabic alphabets form the basic structure of Quranic words so, it is a must to know the accurate pronunciation of every Arabic letter to avoid making mistakes that could change the meaning of the verses. Watch this video to know the correct pronunciation of every letter through “this link” then you can test your memorization of the letters by clicking on this “Quiz

2. Be knowledgeable about Arabic vowels

In Arabic, we have short vowels, namely; Fatha, Kasrah, and Dammah, when we pronounce fatha, our mouth opens vertically like when you say the sound of “a” in “apple”. when we pronounce Kasrah, our mouth goes down like pronouncing the sound of “e” in “we”. when we pronounce Waw, our mouth makes a circle, like pronouncing “o” in “cold”  and long vowels that are called “madd letters”; Alif, Waaw, and Yaa. To learn more details about them, watch this video

3. Identifying the types of Madd"prolongation"

We have a lot of types of madd listed below and you have to recognize the difference between them

*watch this video to know more

  • Madd Tabee’ee 
  • Madd Al-Badal
  • Madd Ewadh
  • Madd Aaridh Li-Ssukoon
  • Madd Al-Leen
  • Madd Waajib Muttasil
  • Madd Jaa’ez Munfasil
  • Madd Laazim

4. Study the pronunciation of Tanween

Tanween:- Is actually a noon Saakinah which comes at the end of the nouns. It is pronounced but not written as Noon Saakinah. their pronunciation is “an” “in” “un”. Listen to this video to know more


Types of tanween

5. Know the accurate pronunciation of letters in the state of sukoon

Sukoon in Arabic languag is the opposite of movement and it means no vowels. A Sakin letter is the letter that does not have fatha, Kasrah, or Dammah. The sign of sukoon is like the shape of haa arabic letter. To know the accurate pronunciation of sakin Arabic letters, follow this link

6. Know how to read Mushdad letters

When we find shaddah on an Arabic letter, we know that it is doubled so, we need to read it in two steps; the first step is with sukoon and the second step is with the harakah accompanying the shaddah.

Shaddah symbol

7. Recognize the types of Laam

We have two different types of Laam; Laam shamsiah and laam Qamariah. Laam shamsyah is silent but Laam Qamariah is pronounced. Learn more by watching this video.

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